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Your vision for your big day is non-traditional, innovative, and uniquely and insanely you.  You want a venue that unexpected and memorable.  Florals that are anything but simple white hydrangea and pink roses.  Breathtaking Decor that is far from "cookie cutter".  Eclectic Rentals that are custom made for your big day.

We are the perfect match!  So glad we've found each other. 

Your Vision. Your Style. Your Day.

We view weddings as a collection of the bride & groom’s personal style, and the “brand” they create together. We curate every detail of our weddings, from the invitations, to the favors, to the groom’s sock color. You can think of us as a personal concierge for our brides and grooms, as we even take care of guests’ transportation and lodging, manage RSVPs, and create an entire wedding weekend itinerary for guests. Weddings are more than just one day. They’re an experience of a lifetime! It’s our responsibility to ensure your experience is a stress free one!
— DeAnna McIntosh, Executive Director

The Affinity Wedding Experience

As Seen In

Our Breathtaking BrideS

You can consider us your personal styling team.  We consult with you to learn your style and personality and recommend the best bridal designers and boutiques that will suite your taste!  We can style every detail of your bridal look - from your hair to your nail polish color.  

The Glass Factory

Unique Venues

Expansive Gardens, Historic Mansions, Art Galleries, Industrial Chic.  You name it, we'll find it.

Culinary Excellence

The art of food at your wedding will wow the guests just as much as the decor. Escort your guests to a surprise dessert lounge in the wine cellar. Serve a liquid nitrogen signature cocktail.  We create experiences for each and every detail of your day.

Our Impeccable GroomS

With us, you have the ability to custom design your groom's entire look!  And dapper he will be.

personalized Details

Interactive Thank You Displays, Monogrammed Candles, personalization is our focus for your big day.

Unconventional design

We love the challenge of thinking outside of the norm to create showstopping designs for our weddings.  There's no limit to creativity with us!


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Here's a Sneak Peak:

  • Creative and Unique Wedding Design (no cookie cutter over here!)

  • Your own login to our wedding portal where we will collaborate on your wedding details!


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~Love Notes~

From An Affinity Bride & Groom

DeAnna was an absolutely AMAZING wedding director for our wedding on April 30, 2016!!!  Her work ethic is wonderful and she was very focused on making our special day very memorable.  She has amazing ideas and will help bring your vision of your big day to reality!  We absolutely love DeAnna as a friend and we recommend her services without any reservations!!!
— Ronald & Crystal Williams

From An Affinity Wedding Guest

I’ve been to tons of weddings! Weddings for my friends, family members, and most commonly as someone’s date. Of the weddings I’ve attended the McIntosh’s was the most magical. It felt I was transported to the scene of a romance novel set in Tuscany, Italy. The location, Bella Collina, was beautiful and really set the tone for a very special event. So much thought and detail was put into this wedding. One of my favorite details was the ceremony chairs placed in the shape of a “U” around the podium. It created a very intimate setting. I felt like a part of their union by having them married in the center of their loved ones. Another detail I liked was all the different areas of engagement starting with the welcome table. Guest wrote their return address for thank you cards and put it in a mailbox. I also loved the guestbook station which had drawers filled with take home gifts. These stations were merchandised beautifully using vintage pieces and fit perfectly with the theme of the wedding. The dining table flower arrangements were also exquisite. There were various kinds and served as great conversation pieces. Every detail was elegant, tasteful, and inspiring. I will be taking pointers for when I get hitched. I highly recommend Affinity Event Creative. The team has vision, great execution, and creates a surreal experience for the guest.
— Mya Marte

From An Affinity Vendor Partner

Organization is a must when it comes to any kind of events, especially weddings. We had the privilege of DJ’ing an Affinity Event Creative wedding a few months ago. From the very start DeAnna had a vision for the wedding, and was very precise on what she wanted. The amount of detail that was put into the wedding was amazing. From the room design, to the event flow of the night, it was all thought of. DeAnna had a coordinator herself, and can only imagine how nice it must have been to have a bride that knew just what she wanted, and how to get to her ultimate dream wedding. DeAnna had a keen eye for all the details, from the big stuff, to the fine details that are often overlooked. DeAnna had great communication with us, and there was no guessing on what she wanted, because it was gone over. Details are everything when it comes to a wedding day, and you could tell there was  a lot of love, care, and thoughtfulness that went into that wedding.
— Austin Beeghly, DJ Live Productions