Why Choose Us /

Customer experience is the new advertising department.

- Max Kalehoff, CMO, Socialcode


  • Meticulous Attention to Detail
    • Once a company becomes a client, they are assigned a Client Happiness Rep who will manage every detail of their project from start to finish.  
      • If an event client, they are given access to our planning portal where we house every detail for their event.  In that portal we have to-do lists, itineraries, contracts, and more.  The client has full visibility to all details of their event, as we want to ensure that every step of the way we are exceeding their expectations. We communicate our designs and plans using spreadsheets, charts, diagrams, and any other additional tools needed for clients to clearly see our vision for their event!  We believe in clear and transparent communication. 
    • We also offer each client a mobile app, social media pages, and snapchat filter for their event.
  • Holistic Approach to Event Management
    • We offer more than just event marketing & production services.  Why? Because we believe that true service covers the "before and after" of an event.  
      • For example, when producing a bridal show, most event producers focus solely on executing the actual show.  We certainly do that, but we also design comprehensive marketing campaigns to reach the attendees prior to, during, and after the event.  We also keep our clients in the forefront of their prospective clients' minds through hosting various events such as workshops, dinner parties, social experiments, and seminars.
  • Passion For Helping Businesses Thrive
    • There is no better feeling than for us to deliver above and beyond what our client envisioned and seeing their business thrive, building a lasting partnership for years to come.
  • Fashion Eye
    • We're sure you’ve heard the cliché statement “you have such a great eye”, but our years in the fashion industry have truly trained our eyes to easily identify new trends in colors, fabrications, and silhouettes and we apply that to our event design.

2016 Multiple Sclerosis Society Gala Luncheon | Greater Ft. Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center